Inspiring others in their struggles with cancer

'Keith, if it wasn't for you and your book I wouldn't have survived cancer'. Kathie S.

Keith Hern was first diagnosed with throat cancer in May 2007, which started a roller coaster six months going through all the treatments and working out how best to handle the mental side.

He chose to photograph and write about his experiences to keep his mind occupied, and worked with an nlp (neuro-lingusitic programming) coach in order to stay mentally positive, which isn't easy.

Once fit he trekked Iceland raising nearly £7,000 for The Royal Marsden Hospital, a few weeks later getting his book 'Bangers & Mash' published. Two weeks later he was diagnosed again, this time with cancer in his chest, and given a low chance of survival.Putting his own survival strategy in place he was clear again six months later.

This time he turned his story into an inspirational talk, entitled 'Out of Adversity', as well as being interviewed in the Daily Mail and live on ITV's 'This Morning' in late November 2010.

All was going well until August 2012, when once again he was diagnosed, this time the cancer had appeared in one of his lungs. With major surgery the only medical offering Keith put together his own approach again using natural avenues, and is working with that to hopefully avoid the need for surgery. It is work in progress. This website covers all of his cancer experiences, associated writing and speaking, and hopefully can inspire others in their individual battles.